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Henry LaMarr is probably one of LA's  

tallest, jovial, and creative illustrators of today,

who also also focuses on writing and performing

on stage whenever the job calls.

As a native of LA, Henry began his studies

at 'USC's 32nd St. Magnet School in Los Angeles, where he participated in a variety of visual and performing arts classes and programs like-

The Mural Club, Imagination Workshop, and Theatre Production.


In between time at school, Henry also joined other groups like the Los Angeles Boys Choir and The VAPA program.

From there, he began to develop his talent around cartoon sketches, portrait illustration,creative writing and improv.

Later, Henry gained attention as an up and coming artist, and a creative funnyman- with his own column in the High School newspaper, sharing his poetry and sketches.

Graduating from The Music and Performing Arts Academy of Hamilton High School, Henry continued to study art at his local community college while working to help out with bills at home.


2015 Henry was accepted int The Acadmey of Arts College where he focused on illustration and design.


In 2011 Henry started his blog to showcase and share his work with the world, and in 2015 launched Henrys Illustrations and L&C LLC. and continues to find new creative and artistic ventures and projects to illuminate 


Henry LaMarr

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